I learned something new about myself today while I was at the Tennessee State Fair.  In my old age, I have developed the unfortunate ability to experience motion sickness.  This was not something I ever experienced as a child.  Back then, I could go on any ride, no matter how fast it spun or in how many different directions it allowed me to travel all at once.  I loved those rides, and I could go on them time after time after time with no adverse effects.

No longer.

Today, I felt very sick to my stomach after certain rides.  And I’m pretty sure watching “Juliette” win the Krystal burger eating competition didn’t help ease my queasiness.  More about Juliette in my next post.

Anyway, I now realize there is a crossable line in regard to how many spinning rides I can take in a relatively short span of time.  I also today thought back to when I was a child and used to go to amusement parks with my parents.  They enjoyed some rides, but they always seemed a bit more interested in the attractions and shows.  Attractions and shows … schmattractions and shows.  Gimme rides, rides, rides!  Higher, faster, longer!  Again, no longer.  As I sat on a bench at the fair, regretting the fact that I’d just gone on the Spider ride after having conquered the Tilt-A-Whirl and a few others, I found myself longing for some simple attractions and shows.  Like the Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark stunt show at MGM studios (that really was a great show … may it rest in peace).  Or the Back to the Future 3-D show (again, R.I.P.).  Or Captain E.O. (ok, so all of the attractions I am currently remembering are no longer available).  This, too, reminds me of my age and how some of the things I loved as a child are no longer things that can bring me love and fulfillment as an adult.

I’m going to be 31 in November, so I’ll probably have a few more things to add to that list soon, but at least I still have my memories.  And the memories can help me relive the fun times … sans queasiness.

Of course, when next year rolls around, and the carnies roll back into Nashville for another state fair, I’m sure I’ll end up hopping right back on some of those very same rides again anyway, hoping that maybe things will be different and my stomach will be better girded against the nausea that struck me this year.

Based on this behavior, I believe Albert Einstein would consider me, to some degree, insane.