the Cobra Vipers
the Cobra Vipers

As promised in my original post for this blog, I bring you two more F-words today.  Fantasy football.

I love fantasy football.  But today was another rough day for my team, the Cobra Vipers.  I sure wish my players could, at the very least, match the stats that are projected for them, but for the second week in a row, they have severely underperformed.  Especially Ryan Grant!  What is wrong with that guy??  He was supposed to be one of the elite running backs this season, but he hasn’t decided to show up to play yet!  This week he was supposed to net me 17.89 points.  How many did he get?  2.  TWO!  If I lose my game this week I am placing full responsibility on his shoulders.

As it stands, I am down by five points, and Monday night’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles will be the deciding factor.  I feel like I still have a decent chance.  My opponent has two players left this week—Donovan McNabb (the quarterback for the Eagles) and Nick Folk (the kicker for the Cowboys).  I only have one player left, but, fortunately for me, that player is Tony Romo.  The man has worked miracles for me before, and I need him to pull one off tomorrow night (or, actually, I guess it is technically tonight).

Fantasy football is a lot of fun, but it quickly becomes less fun when you are constantly losing.  If I lose this week, my record will be 0-2.  Not good.  I’ll still be on par with my beloved Bungles (err … Bengals), but that isn’t saying much.  I don’t know what is up with them this year.  I’m used to their defense being a disaster, but usually their offense is top notch.  This year, for some reason, the whole team just sucks.  And Chad Ocho Stinko is having a direct impact on my fantasy football results.  Despite all of the offseason drama he caused, I expected more of him on the field.  So far he has done nothing but disappoint me.

In other news, in what is now the Tennessee Titans’ 10th year in Nashville, I am finally becoming a fan.  I’ve been to a number of  Titans games in the past, but in at least two of those games, I was cheering on the Bengals (much to the dismay of the blue-clad fanatics who were sitting all around me).  Last Sunday, I went to the Titans-Jaguars game with my family, and for the first time ever, I was cheering on the Titans.  And I really enjoyed it!  It was fun being able to cheer for the home team for a change!  And I also discovered that the crowd is much friendlier to you when you aren’t clapping and laughing every time their team does something stupid.  As for why I finally became a Titans fan, I also have fantasy football to thank for this.  I have Lendale White (one of their running backs) and their team defense (which is REALLY good this year).  I should have used Lendale White instead of Ryan Grant this week.  Had I done so, my odds of winning this week would be much higher.

Wish me luck tonight.