A news article released on www.cnsnews.com today points out just how hypocritical Barack Obama can be.  Obama has released a new television commercial criticizing John McCain’s position on equal pay for women, pointing out that women only make 77 cents for every one dollar that men make.  Here’s the problem with his position.  Obama only pays the women on his staff 78 cents for every dollar the men on his staff make.

But surely McCain must be much worse if Obama is pointing this out, right?


The article states:

Women on McCain’s staff, meanwhile, earn 24 percent more on average than women on Obama’s Senate staff.  McCain also pays his female Senate staff members a higher average salary than his male Senate staff members.

Women occupy seven of the top 10 highest-paid positions on McCain’s staff, and five of the top 10 highest-paid positions on Obama’s staff.

I think Obama could have done some more research before releasing his ad.

More from the article:

In the period from October 1 through March 31, Obama paid women on his Senate staff an average annual salary of $44,953.21, which was $12,472 less than the $57,425.00 average annual salary he paid men.  Women outnumbered men on the staff 30 to 27.

McCain paid women on his Senate staff an average annual salary of $55,777.39, which was marginally higher than the average annual salary of $55,165.29 that he paid men.

In percentage terms, McCain paid female staffers 101 percent of what he paid men. Women outnumbered men on McCain’s staff, 26 to 16.

On average, McCain doesn’t only pay women on his staff equally.  He pays them MORE than the men on his staff.  So where does Obama get off thinking he can criticize McCain?

The article does tell the problem that some equal-pay-for-women advocates have with McCain.  Apparently, he voted against legislation that would have extended the “limit on how long an employee can wait before suing an employer for pay discrimination.”  Is this really a big deal?  I’m sorry for the people this has already affected, but from now on, couldn’t people just not wait before suing an employer for pay discrimination?  There.  Problem solved.

Honestly, I do not know what McCain’s official stance on equal pay for women is.  I don’t know how he has voted on issues regarding women’s wages in the past.  Except that maybe this issue touches upon whether my mother brought home as much money as she could when I was a child, I haven’t really been affected by Congressional decisions regarding it one way or another.

But I would rather have a do-as-I-do president than a do-as-I-say president.  That, I believe, is the difference between John McCain and Barack Obama.  Obama talks a lot and tells you exactly what he believes you want to hear.  McCain doesn’t talk as much or as well as Obama, but he doesn’t have to.  Actions speak louder than words.