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House ignores Bush, rejects $700B bailout bill

This isn’t the end of the fight, but it at least shows that the representative form of government we have CAN actually work when the people care enough about what is going on to actually get in touch with their representatives and express their concerns.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) thinks the bailout proposal would have been passed if not for a scathing partisan speech delivered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) just prior to the vote.  I hope he is incorrect.  I really do.  I hope the reason this bill failed was that the representatives, both Democrat and Republican, who voted against it did so because they were actually representing their constituents.  They heard from the people they are serving and knew that they must vote against this bill.

It is not the job of those in Congress to do what they feel is best for our country.  They are not voted into office to do their own will.  They are voted into office to do the will of those who put them there, and it is their duty to represent the interests of the people.  Presidents and governors are part of the executive branch.  They are leaders.  Those in the House and Senate do not hold executive branch powers.  They are not leaders.  They are representatives.  Unfortunately, many of them either don’t realize this or have chosen to willfully go against the duties of their office.

For those of you who have representatives that voted against this proposal, please write to them and thank them.  Let them know how much it means to you that they are actually representing your interests.  For those of you who have representatives that voted for this proposal, let them know that they are walking a thin line, and that if they continue on this path they have chosen, you will not be voting for them to represent you when they are next up for election.

They have another chance now.  Another proposal will be brought up since this one failed.  They must choose to do the right thing this next time around.  It is imperative that we, the people, stand up for our right to be honestly represented in our government.  These representatives are the only voice we have.  We have to speak through them.  They have to speak for us.  Let them know how much you are counting on them.  Our way of life depends on it.