Ohio secretary of state must verify registrations

Thank goodness SOMEBODY finally did the right thing in Ohio.  Terry Kinney of the Associated Press writes:

“Plaintiffs assert, and the court agrees, that it is hard to imagine a public interest more compelling than safeguarding the legitimacy of the election of the president of the United States,” [U.S. District Judge George C.] Smith wrote in his ruling.

Brunner also was ordered to establish a process by which Ohio’s 88 county election boards can access information generated by the checks.

Residents registering to vote must provide their name, address, date of birth and either their driver’s license number or the last four digits of their Social Security number.

But Ohio’s Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is still trying to weasel around this:

Brunner has said the state matches registration information against data in the Bureau of Motor Vehicles system and the Social Security database. But she also has said federal law doesn’t say what should be done if a mismatch is discovered, and it is up to counties to check the system for flagged registrations and investigate if warranted.

So there will be no state-enforced investigations into mismatches.  By saying that the federal government doesn’t indicate what to do in cases of mismatches, it sounds to me as if she is saying she found a loophole that will allow her to still do whatever she wants in the cases of actual voter fraud.  It should be common sense that if a mismatch occurs, that means something is wrong.  Brunner seems to be playing coy, and it seems like she is willing to play dumb if confronted about not dealing with the situation (e.g. “Oh, was that supposed to matter?  I didn’t realize anything was wrong, and I was never instructed to do anything in the case of a mismatch.”)

Hopefully, state Republicans will continue to pursue this matter and will not allow this to happen.  If it is up to the individual counties to decide what to do with mismatches, then I hope Republicans get out there and make sure they are working at the polling centers and paying attention to what is going on.

Ohio is an important state, a swing state.  If it legitimately goes to Obama, that’s fine.  But those who would use underhanded methods to help secure his victory must not be allowed to succeed.