This is my attempt to create another blog. My last blog was created in November of 2004 on MySpace, and while I have posted quite a bit of randomness to it over the years, I find it is time to move my written words elsewhere. I have found myself not using MySpace all that often anymore, and, as a result, my blog-writing has also fallen offtrack. Time to start over. And, so, Potluck Exposition is born.

I have given my blog this title because I have no intention of sticking to one topic. Just like a potluck dinner, you’re going to see a little bit of everything here. Current events, not-so-current events, politics, faith, fun, food, family, friends, and maybe a few other f-words … but none of the “bad” ones. Also, like a potluck dinner, some of what you find here will appeal to you, but, most assuredly, some of it will not. Consume and enjoy that which appeals to you, and try to tolerate (if not accept) that which does not. Comment on both, as you please. A secondary reason for the title of this blog is that I feel as if I am putting myself on display for the world to see … exposing myself, if you will. But this is not an adult-oriented blog, I assure you. Anyone who is disappointed by this should probably just move on now. And now, let the exposure begin.

A little bit about me:

Like most people, I was born. Born in 1977 (along with 3,384,300.98 other Americans), I am a true child of the 80s and thus enjoy cartoons, movies, tv shows, commercials, toys, gadgets, and pretty much everything else from the 80s. My all-time favorite sports teams are ones from the 80s, my favorite president (though I could not vote for him or really understand much about politics at the time) was in office from January 1981 until January 1989. That said, while I have a good recollection of all-things-80s and am kind of obsessed with such things, this is not the total sum of all that I am. I just wanted to give a starting point for understanding who I am. This blog is not about the 80s (though I can’t rule out the possibility of memories and/or events from the 80s being mentioned at some point). I’m a Christian. I’m conservative. I’m a fun guy (but prefer ball caps to mushroom caps). I was an English major in college and thus enjoy playful use of the English language and appreciate the proper use of grammar, though I, myself, don’t always stick to the rules. I kind of believe that my degree grants me the liberty to hold others to the rules while also giving me the freedom to stretch them in my own written and oral communication. I believe that I am allowed to add new words to the English language, and these new words can only be overruled by someone with a higher-level English degree. So be prepared for this. If you see a word that seems made-up, it just might be, but that’s intentional. No … really, it is. OK, that’s probably enough about me for now. A good start, at least. You’ll learn more from the blog as time goes on and more is written, I’m sure.