Check it out: ‘Aye’ And Mighty: Bloomberg’s Wish Is Granted

The City Council of New York City voted today, by a margin of 29-22, to allow city officeholders three consecutive four-year terms in office.  This vote applied to them as well, and I think it is very telling that two-thirds of the members on the Council are currently in their second terms.  This is completely outrageous and needs to be reviewed in the court system.  There is no way a vote like this should be allowed to be made by those already in office.  The people must be allowed to decide how long officials will  be allowed to represent them, and the people of NYC need to stand up and fight this with everything they’ve got.

How long will it be before the U.S. Congress decides that the president no longer has to be limited to two four-year terms?  My guess?  Only until Barack Obama wins the presidency and the potentially supermajority Democratic Congess decides they just want to leave him in there awhile.  Now, maybe I’m being a little paranoid, but if those in power can decide these things for themselves, why should the people matter?  Let’s just let the rulers decide how long they are going to serve us.  We can abolish the whole inconvenient and flimsy process of voting altogether.  Isn’t it starting to feel like we might as well do that anyway?

Josef Stalin once said, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.  Those who count the votes decide everything.”

I feel like that is quickly becoming the reality of our nation.  It won’t keep me from voting, but with the incredible lack of safeguards for the whole process, I sure don’t feel confident that my vote actually counts anymore.