Senator Richard Shelby spoke out against what Senators did last night when they voted to approve the “sweetened” bailout plan. I wish I could replace either one of my senators with him.  Check it out:

‘We Chose Panic,’ Senate’s Top GOP Banking Expert Declares as He Rips Bailout

Here’s a list of the senators who did not vote for this horrible bailout plan.  Take a good look at the list, and if you don’t see one or both of your senators on this list, you should seriously consider firing them when they are next up for election:

  1. Allard (R)
  2. Barasso  (R)
  3. Brownback  (R)
  4. Bunning (R)
  5. Cantwell (D)
  6. Cochran (R)
  7. Crapo (R)
  8. DeMint (R)
  9. Dole (R)
  10. Dorgan (D)
  11. Enzi (R)
  12. Feingold (D)
  13. Inhofe (R)
  14. Johnson (D)
  15. Landrieu (D)
  16. Nelson (FL) (D)
  17. Roberts (R)
  18. Sanders (I)
  19. Sessions (R)
  20. Shelby (R)
  21. Stabenow (D)
  22. Tester (D)
  23. Vitter (R)
  24. Wicker (R)
  25. Wyden (D)
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