I have been in an extreme amount of pain today.  It isn’t quite as bad as it was last night and when I woke up this morning, but it is still bad.  Somehow, I began experiencing a shooting pain throughout the right side of my neck, my upper back, and my right shoulder, and it hasn’t gone away.  And to make matters worse, when I move my head a certain way, it REALLY hurts.

I missed work today, and I am bummed about that because I can’t really afford to lose the money, but I couldn’t even sit up in bed this morning.  Every time I tried, this excruciating wave of pain just shot through me.  I was going to go to the doctor, but not being able to turn my head very much seems to me like it might have made driving a little dangerous, so I didn’t end up going.  Anyway, since just moving at all hurts so much, I figured that trying to sit at my desk all day, hunched over my work, probably would only exacerbate the situation.

Hopefully, I’ll be feeling a bit better in the morning.